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2.5" 1.8T k03/K03S Conversion Downpipe - VW Scirocco MK2

2.5" 1.8T k03/K03S Conversion Downpipe - VW Scirocco MK2

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Major Performance Developments Stainless Steel 2.5" 20V 1.8T Conversion Downpipe for k03 / k03s turbo in a MK2 Scirocco using Epytec mounts and 02A/02J Cable gearbox.

This MPDevelopments downpipe is made fully with stainless steel 304 including the flexi and has been fully tig welded and back purged to ensure a strong weld! 

The downpipe is 3" from the turbo with a smooth transition down to 2.5" the rest of the way providing excellent flow, ending with 2.5" pipe 15mm short of the factory centre section. (roughly under the centre of the shifter box)

Designed for all 1.8T conversions using Epytec mounts in a MK1 Golf, Scirocco MK1 & MK2, Jetta MK1 running K03 / K03S turbo using an 02A/02J Cable shift gearbox. Please bear in mind these mounts are slotted and adjustments may have to be made to get the ultimate downpipe position.

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With the fitting position of a 1.8T 20V engine inside the MK1 Golf platform the turbo exit is not in the ideal location being opposite the steering rack boot. We have designed these downpipes to fit without touching the boot (roughly 10mm of clearance please see photos) which we feel from experience is plenty. We do however advise making some form of heat protection by either wrapping your boot or downpipe, to prevent melting the steering rack boot, as they are not easily available to replace.

*Major Performance Developments accept no responsibility in any deterioration of such rubber steering rack boots.*

*You may have to remove the bottom turbo stud to fit the downpipe.*

* Engine management light may activate after removing the standard catalytic converter or DPF, custom ECU remap is advised* 

*professional installation required*

*Major Performance Developments accepts no responsibility for the use of this Decat product on the public highway. It is the customers responsibility to abide by there countries emissions laws*

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