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3" Downpipe + DeCat pipe - Ford Focus MK2 ST 225

3" Downpipe + DeCat pipe - Ford Focus MK2 ST 225

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Major Performance Developments 3" Stainless steel Downpipe and DeCat pipe for your Ford Focus MK2 ST 225. This downpipe and Sports cat pipe is a direct replacement for the standard mild steel restrictive downpipe ending with a 3" flange to fit the stock or aftermarket catback exhaust system.

Allow exhaust gases to flow much faster resulting in more power. This pipe will also increase the sound of your vehicle with a deeper tone.

This MPDevelopments downpipe and sports cat is 3" from start to finish, hand made using stainless steel 304 including the Flexi and CNC Flange!

All our downpipes are fully tig welded and back purged to ensure a strong weld! 

This downpipe includes a new turbo gasket, 2 bolt 3" gasket, nuts and Bolts.

We also sell 3" 200Cell Sports-cat pipes they can be found Here!

*Please note this pipe is for motorsport or off road use only. It will not pass a UK MOT.

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